After waiting months for the order to be filled, the phone call came. “Your Aston Martin Vanquish is here!” In total awe over the cars beauty, the owners first thought was to get everything protected. A Premium Clear bra for total coverage on the car. From bumper to bumper this cars […]

Aston Martin Vanquish gets total coverage

  3M Crystalline tint keeping this brand new 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB cool As Ferrari says #wordsarenotenough   Fresh off the showroom floor the car came to us to get powder coated black wheels, a vinyl blackout on the roof, a full clear bra, and of course 3M Crystalline tint by our […]

Only 3m Crystalline tint for a Ferrari 488

Originally this Audi R8 was brought in just to get the car wrapped Satin white with black accents. After the color change the customer decided he wanted to go a bit darker with the windows to give the car a more pleasing look as well as keep the interior temps […]

3M Crystalline on an Audi R8

Earlier this year HG Motorsports brought us their Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S for a full clear bra package. After an initial break in, road rallies like Targa Trophy Megarun and Gold Rush Rally 7 were the testing ground for the Products they have developed for the GT S. Using real world […]

New video from HG Motorsports

  Checkout this beautiful White Jaguar XKR with 3m Crystalline Window Film that has been applied to the driver, passenger, and rear windows. Not only does the 3m Crystalline Window Film add to the great looks of the amazing car, it also keeps its passengers cooler and protects them and […]

Jaguar XKR with 3m Crystalline Window

We tinted is Ferrari 458 windows with 3M Cryatalline film to keep the inside of the vehicle cooler and protect the driver and passenger from the suns harmful rays. Standard tint can create an appealing dark look to the windows, but it doesnt always protect you from the sun. Heat can […]

Ferrari 458 gets 3M Crystalline Tint